Saturday, June 22, 2013

ADHD: Your own attention barriers to accessing your medication

Consumer perspective: I had the biggest issue arise when I was dealing with fieldwork. As I decided to go somewhere very far away from my family and psychiatrist, my psychiatrist informed me that she would not be able to prescribe my adderall if I was out of the state. I could get the prescriptions for my other medications but I could not use my adderall perspective in any If you don't know about controlled substances, read about it here: 
You cannot have refills on your medication and you must have a hard copy. 
For someone who has legitimate ADD or ADHD, a few times I have completely lost my written prescriptions. The whole issue with ADD/ADHD is attention. I have the attention to put the prescriptions into my purse but the time I get home, I may have my attention completely elsewhere. This is the thing with ADD, why I lose my keys, because I am not paying attention because my thoughts tend to run. So having to have a paper prescription can cause nightmares. 

When I lost my prescription, not only could I not get the drugs, my psychiatrist was worried I was abusing the pills.This made me laugh because honestly, I would never risk my license or job over drugs. However, this was straightened out when she talked to my therapist who reassured her that my issues are with organization. However, this had come at a bad time as I was doing many projects in school. 

OT perspective: Our clients are on many medications. Understanding how medications are accessed and can be accessed are important to understand medication management. Although adderall is just one simple example, many other drugs are similar to these restrictions. For someone who has a controlled substance medication, you not only need to put into place how/when they take the medication but also WHERE they put prescriptions if they get multiple prescriptions (the pharmacy will not hold onto the prescriptions, the person who has the prescriptions must). For someone who is taking the drug for organization, this needs to be in a clear spot. What I ended up doing was creating a little bag that was only for my prescriptions and other small important cards (ie: CPR card, etc). This bag was never moved and remained in the same place. This system helped me. Other people may need something different such as a caregivers help. 

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