Monday, July 22, 2013

Is it sunlight or my occupations in the sun that help my depression?

Consumer: Ok so this post is a little late. It's summer, I love the sun, I love the sunlight. I feel a million times better soaking up the sun! As discussed (will put up the study links later), sunlight-even artificial sunlight can help people who have certain forms of depression (seasonal affective disorder) Although I am not diagnosed with this, overall the sun always makes me feel happy. This leads me to.... Is it the sun or the occupations?
When I think of sunlight I think of: swimming, beach, pool, putting my toes in the soft green grass, watching pretty blue clouds,  smelling spring flowers, going to the park, vacations, eating watermelon, reading a book, camping with friends...
All these things I love are made up of occupations I enjoy  :) So is it the sunlight or is it the occupations or maybe a combo of both :) 
OT thoughts :
Make a list of things you love to do everyday, keep it somewhere you can see it!
        -Order them most to least helpful             and use as needed to cope
         -Order them by time (ie: I can do this in 5 min to watch clouds or take ms 3 hours for the zoo) 
        -Order them by numbers and randomly pick a number to go do when you're feeling blue

PS: Use sunscreen & be safe, happy summer :) 

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