Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What would my life be like without medication?

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like without the medication I take. Since I've been on medication for about 15 years now it seems to me that it's a part of my personality. After all the medicine does change my brain chemistry so what am I really like without it? I sometimes wonder how different my personality would be without medication. I know everyone is seeing me as happy-go-lucky girl and sometimes I feel just very numb on the medication. If I get off of medication will I be a happy person or will I be more depressed? 

Since I haven't been off medication for that long I'm thinking of possibly trying to get off medication. I have many fears like people do that the medication could be causing changes that they possibly might not know about until the future. I'm also hoping to have children in a few years and there has been some articles linking antidepressants to various genetic disorders. I don't know how valid this research is or have really looked into any of the studies it's just  things that go through my mind. Honestly, it's very weird to take pills to get through your day. However a mental illness is just like a physical illness and I know other people who have physical illnesses feel same way. 

I wish I knew the correct answers to questions about the medication. However my psychiatrist told me & what I've heard from many mental health professionals is a lot of medication for depression is a trial and error. Although I am tolerating my mom right now I feel I could do more or take less medication. 

Occupational therapy view:.
Always discuss with your doctor if concerns and possible side effects of your medication 
Never stop your medication without talking to your doctor first
Sometimes it's good to keep a log of how you're feeling on your medication if you change doses or If you think you're noticing a pattern with your medication
Do not give up hope medication and therapy have helped many people Live functional lives with mental illnesses 

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