Friday, December 27, 2013

10 things I wish I could have told myself when I was diagnosed with depression as a teen

I haven't written in awhile and it's been very busy.
However, with the new year & CBT on my mind, I wanted to send a little hope to others (ie when I read young peoples blogs) and healing for myself.
Mostly these are related directly to my issues but maybe they are relatable to others too....

1. You will get through this. Although you will continue to fight the battle of depression, you will blossom into a great young adult. 
2. The things that seem SO big now, you won't think about in ten years. Do not let your thoughts spiral out of control. 
3. You know the home environment  you are living in is not healthy. Although you have your basic needs met, your family is too caught up in coping with their lives to see your pain. 
4. This is not something that is in your head. It is real and do not let others (parents friends) tell you that this is not a real illness or you are doing this for attention. You are someone special.
5. The guilt you continue to feel is something that has two parts to it (1) it is part of the nature of depression (2) you are a caring person and can be easily guilted. 
6. Depression does not cure itself on it's own. Please, make a better plan when you go to college so that you do not stop taking your medication since you did not plan that far and spiral into coping with alcohol (yes story for another blog post)
7. You know that boy you thought you'd marry and he was your first love and you'd never thought life would go on without him? It will. See #2. Do not let others, like him, spiral your thinking of depression. 
8. Find some leisure activities. Currently you have none besides going on the Internet and self harm. Find creative outlets so when your feelings are overwhelming you will be able to cope. See #2.   
9. Start being in tune with your body and the triggers for your depression. Although your family is little support of this, start keeping a calendar of your mood, eating, hormones etc. it will do wonders for you down the road
10. You will get through this. 

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